Whether you’re younger, older, or somewhere in between, mobility is key to optimal physical health and longevity. Not only does it allow you to train harder, but it also keeps you active for many years to come. But what actually is mobility?

Mobility is the ability to move your entire body freely and easily (mostly at our joints).

Let’s think about that real quick – pretty much every aspect of your life depends on mobility. Without it, you couldn’t take a walk, do a squat, or pick your children up in your arms. It prevents injury, improves your posture, helps correct muscular imbalances, and equips you with a fully functional range of motion during your workouts and everyday movements. We reached out to Fit Flex Fly trainer, Kara Nefouse and asked her thoughts on the importance of mobility.

“It’s important because having an increased range of motion in a joint, along with muscular strength around the joint, means you are less likely to get injured. It also improves overall performance, whether it’s squatting deeper, running faster, jumping higher, or hitting a tennis ball harder.” Kara continued, “It basically allows you to excel in anything you do. Many injuries could be prevented with a better range of motion. As we age, not only do we lose muscle mass, but also our range of motion decreases, which is why mobility training is one of the keys to longevity.”

Ever experience a painful knot in your body? Poor mobility could be to blame. When you don’t move your joint through its full range of motion (say you’re hunched over at a desk all day), built-up tension can lead to knots, pain, and even injury. As Kara expressed earlier, when you have optimal mobility within your body, you have a more functional and active range of motion.

Sure, knots aren’t fun, but let’s take it one step further. What about losing the ability to move your own body as you age?

In a study done by the NIH (National Institute on Aging), they found that “Older adults who lose their mobility are less likely to remain living at home; have higher rates of disease, disability, hospitalization, and death; and have poorer quality of life.” (1) Aging is inevitable – it’s part of life. But how you age is up to you.

How can I improve my mobility?

“Mobility drills and consistency!” Kara expressed, “There is really no way around it, you have to do the work and no one can do it for you.”

So what exactly are mobility drills? We often view mobility training (ie. drills) as merely stretching, but it goes far beyond that. When it comes to mobility training, think dynamic stretching, yoga, pilates, agility exercises, myofascial release, or anything that increases your range of movements and motions your body can perform.

Looking for somewhere to improve your mobility? Fit Flex Fly is the perfect place. Offering personal training, physical therapy, and group fitness classes (yoga and pilates), we’re a one-stop shop committed to helping you perform at your most optimal level.

If you’re local to Indianapolis, we are hosting a FREE mobility event, Mobility, Massages, & Microbrews, on Tuesday, December 6th from 5:30-7:30pm. Kara will be leading a mobility session the first 30 minutes. The remainder of the event will be a social hour, where you can ask questions, receive a mini massage from Indy Sports Massage, and grab a beer from several local breweries – Upland Brewing Co., Mashcraft Brewing, Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, and Chilly Water Brewing Company.

Come one, come all. Please sign up through Mindbody or give us call at (317) 218-3928.


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