Raise Your Heart Rate
with Cardio Classes
in Indianapolis

There's nothing better than that feeling of smashing your PB. With your muscles pumping and your heart rate elevated,
our cardio classes help you elevate your fitness levels and experience the boost your workout schedule deserves.

The Fit Flex Fly Take on Exceptional Cardio Classes

At F3, we do cardio differently.

No more hour-long treadmill sessions, and no more boring long runs (unless you want to!). Our cardio workout classes are designed to invigorate, inspire, and burn calories using a HIIT approach to push yourself.

Then, we incorporate strength training as a final boost, helping you build muscle, tone your body, and transform your fitness within one action-packed session. In bursts of full-power strength and cardio exercises, push your body like never before to elevate your heart rate and radically improve your fitness levels.

Driving the Benefits of Doing that Cardio Workout

If you’re chasing that runner’s high, you already know the benefits of great cardio. Increased serotonin, decreased stress levels, and healthy heart benefits all mean cardio is indispensable to any workout schedule.

Not only is cardio good for us but done right, it can be an amazing experience that leaves you feeling better than ever. Team your cardio session with a strategic weights session for a lasting serotonin boost and a comprehensive fitness program. Add all that to a catchy music beat that moves with you, and you’ll enjoy working out like never before in a first-class group fitness experience.

Whether you’re a Pilates fanatic or a bodybuilder obsessed with the weights, embracing a cardio element to your routine will improve all aspects of your athletic performance and help you boost your fitness levels in new ways.

Our Range of Cardio Classes

Get ready for a great workout that elevates your heart rate, boosts your lung capacity, and builds cardiovascular health. Discover our fun range of cardio group fitness classes here.

Cardio Strength

Our classic fitness class, Cardio Strength, is a popular favorite. The ultimate workout experience that will challenge both your cardio endurance and muscular strength, cardio strength boosts your endurance and brings another level to that cardio schedule.

Our hybrid fusion class combines the heart-pounding intensity of running, cycling, and rowing with the empowering benefits of strength training, creating a dynamic and results-driven workout our community loves.

Athletic Conditioning

Push your limits and take your fitness game to the next level with a high-energy mix of dynamic strength exercises, short bursts of cardio, and plyometric movements to improve your overall athleticism and fitness performance, helping you feel great within your body.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or just starting at the gym, this class will challenge you and help you smash through your fitness goals. With trainers for support on the proper form and motivation to keep going when it gets tough, this class is great for that cardio boost your body deserves. Get ready to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, agility, and coordination.

Cycle Sculpt

Cycle Sculpt is a music-driven, high-energy ride with varying intensity levels that will elevate your heart rate, strengthen your legs, and boost your endurance. It is a powerful combo of cardio and power.

Post cycle, let’s build that sweat by transitioning to the rejuvenating infrared heated room, where you’ll engage in various low-impact sculpting movements that target every major muscle group, utilizing bodyweight exercises, resistance bands, and light weights. Bring a mat and water.


Feel the synergistic benefits of combining indoor cycling and strength training in our take on a deluxe spin class. Our cycling classes elevate your heart rate, improve cardiovascular health, and expand your lung capacity, all while building muscle for functional strength and toning excess fat.

This hybrid class boosts your fitness levels, touching every aspect of your fitness and providing a total-body workout that will leave you feeling revitalized.


A unique and immersive fitness experience that combines quick cardio bursts, resistance exercises, and yoga, Hustle Muscle is a cardio class that targets different muscle groups, helping you eradicate fat and tone up.

Challenge your body, boost your cardiovascular fitness, ignite your muscles, and promote relaxation through the therapeutic benefits of infrared heat to get your sweat on. Don’t forget to bring a mat and water.


Trifecta is the ultimate full-body workout – our take on high-intensity interval training. It’s a mind-blowing fusion of cardio, strength, and core exercises, all in one action-packed session that’ll leave you energized and adrenaline-pumped.

With a high-octane, circuit-style finisher, you’ll push your body to its limits in our state-of-the-art studio, with free weights, cardio machines, and unique movements designed to help you reach peak performance fitness.


Get ready to sculpt, tone, and redefine your body in our infrared heated studio with this high-energy, low-impact workout. Power Sculpt combines pilates, barre, and yoga movements designed to improve mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and functional strength.

In a full-body experience, feel the burn of repeated strength training, get tips and tricks for improved form from our knowledgeable instructors, and improve cardio performance, all in the low-intensity format of our pilates classes.

Book a Cardio Class Now

Join our group cardio sessions and experience the difference for yourself. With a challenging roster of cardio, strength training, muscle tone, and flexibility, our cardio classes give your body the impactful training it deserves.

Cardio Classes Indianapolis: FAQs

If you don’t look forward to spending hours on a treadmill, then a group cardio session is the perfect way to balance it all. Every group class at F3 can be customized to meet you where you are in your fitness journey, scientifically based on your RPE — the rate of perceived exertion — meaning your experience in class is tailored to your body.

With short bursts of intense activity, beginners will build their endurance and rapidly improve their performance. Plus, with the careful support of your class trainer or instructor, you’ll be able to find new ways to move your body safely.

The official guideline says that 150 min/week of moderate intensity cardio exercise is best. Gentle running, jogging, cycling, and even walking are great daily activities to increase your heart rate and improve cardiovascular performance. We also recommend that you do some form of intense cardio activity in a group class three times a week.

If you’re a gym newbie, you must learn to enjoy working out. That’s where group fitness classes come in! Instead of putting the pressure on yourself to work out solo, group fitness means you’re surrounded by a supportive community cheering you on.

Cardio is a vital part of any workout regime. For the best results, you should incorporate cardio sessions into your routine a few times per week, whether that be in a group class or as a solo session on the treadmill or elliptical.

Whether you’re coming from Ohio St., College Ave., Pennsylvania St., Meridan St., or even downtown Indianapolis, the best cardio classes in Indianapolis are held at Fix Flex Fly.

F3’s mix of cardio and group fitness classes is the perfect choice for a full-body workout, bringing an eclectic mix of powerful strength training, ultimate cardio bursts, and precise yoga pilates exercises.