Discover the Fun of
Group Fitness Classes
in Indianapolis

The music is pumping, the atmosphere is electric, and the adrenaline is coursing around your body as you push yourself
to the max. Nothing beats a group fitness session in our world-class studio in Indianapolis.
Whether you're looking to raise your heart rate with powerful cardio sessions or boost your muscle mass with strength
training class types, you'll find everything you're looking for here, under one roof.

Experience Group Fitness at F3

We know everything’s better with a community.

With a great team behind you, pushing you when you need it, and the camaraderie of your squad to rely on, it’s often because of the group that we keep showing up. We know our community is what makes us, and every workout routine is better when you share it with friends.

Whether you’re on the hunt for cardio classes, cycling classes, strength training sessions, or an intense yoga pilates class, you’re sure to experience a great workout here. Browse our group fitness schedule for more.

Benefits of Group Fitness

It’s no secret that we love group fitness classes. From the camaraderie to the competitive spirit, group classes give your workout the boost it deserves.

In every class here at Fit Flex Fly, the energy in the room is like a power surge, and it’s contagious. You’ll find yourself pushing yourself harder than ever, moving to the music, sweating in the studio, with expert tips from our instructors to keep excellent form.

Being in a group can push you to your limits. When you see someone next to you giving it their all, you’ll step up your game, too. That’s the competitive spirit, and that great community of members keeps us coming back for more.

Our Group Fitness Classes

Discover our range of Indianapolis group fitness classes, from total body strength training to our high-intensity cardio boot camp, and make the most of your membership.

Strength Classes

Whether you’re into pumping your muscles, lifting more than ever, or targeting muscle groups for increased athletic performance, you’ll find it in a group strength training class.

Get involved in strength workout classes, where we push your body to the max, experiment with different muscle groups, and build a proper form under the guidance of our trainers. Our strength training classes are designed to transform your body, increase muscle tone, and boost overall strength and power.

Cardio Classes

Get your heart rate up in a cardio class designed to take your fitness to the next level. From indoor cycling classes to treadmill drills, our cardio workouts push you to your next PB, helping you get lean and improve your health.

The perfect way to start or end your day, every cardio class is designed to boost serotonin, eradicate stress, and leave you feeling energized and refreshed.

Pilates Sessions

Pilates focuses on strength by targeting the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine, and an emphasis on body awareness.

Our infrared heated studio is the perfect place for beginners or experienced pilates “pros” to take their mat practice to the next level. Our reformer studio is the perfect place for those looking for a private or semi-private reformer experience.

Yoga Classes

Improve flexibility and enjoy relaxation and meditation in your group fitness classes with yoga. With a powerful combination of flow, spirituality, and mindfulness, our Vinyasa yoga sessions in our world-class hot yoga studio are perfect for meeting great people and feeling connected to your body.

From powerful poses that stretch and build muscle tone to relaxing flow that inspires creative movement, our yoga classes help you lead an active lifestyle that connects your mind, body, and spirit, all under the careful guidance of our instructors.

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Definitely. For those just getting started on their fitness journey, group classes are a great way to learn movements, experience encouragement, and receive coaching in techniques. Plus, the energy in the room is infectious, and you’ll experience better motivation and a community cheering you on!

Group exercise is a powerful alternative to solo workouts. That group workout session creates a wave of motivation, competition, and social camaraderie, which all impact the success of your workouts and the chances of you sticking to your new routine.

Ultimately, we think that working out with a group boosts your physical performance and makes the journey more fun. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner at the gym, a group exercise class is a fantastic way to maximize your workout.

Some studies suggest that group fitness classes can be more effective than solo workouts. This is because the other participants in a class can subconsciously encourage you to push harder than you would alone, and the community spirit gives you a reason to prioritize your fitness.

Some studies suggest yes! Working out in a group helps you push your body further, get helpful support from an instructor, and experiment with new forms of movement and exercise.

Fit Flex Fly is the number one group fitness gym in Indianapolis for professional-level instruction and a comprehensive schedule of strength training, yoga pilates, cardio, and more.

We recommend booking time into your schedule for regular group fitness classes multiple times every week. To stay in shape, build a community, and challenge your fitness levels, you need to consistently incorporate your group workouts into your routine and maintain it over months.