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Pilates is a surefire way to build core strength, increase flexibility, and improve posture.
Experience the power of controlled movement in Indianapolis's favorite Pilates hub.

Discover the Intensity of Pilates at F3 Indianapolis

Nothing is better than building powerful core strength to move your body with control and precision. We are so committed to the power of Pilates, we’ve created two different studios to get you the results you’re looking for. Our infrared heated studio is the perfect place for beginners or experienced pilates “pros” to take their mat practice to the next level. Our reformer studio is the perfect place for those looking for a private or semi-private reformer experience.

At F3, you choose the way you like to move. You can focus on Pilates or try something new by throwing in new fan-favorite classes that combine pilates with cardio. Consistent movement is the key to getting results. Mixing things up is a great way to keep your mind and body challenged.

With experienced trainers, exceptional level equipment, and two state-of-the-art equipped studios, there’s nothing like Pilates at Fit Flex Fly. Discover unparalleled strength and heightened flexibility, and push your body in the heat when you join our next Pilates class, Indianapolis.

The Exceptional Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is different from other workouts in that it focuses on building a strong core by targeting the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine.

There is also an emphasis on body alignment awareness and improved flexibility and strength through slow, controlled movements and specific breathing techniques. With a measured movement routine and careful instruction, you can enjoy improved balance, push your muscles, and heighten your fitness levels.

It’s famous for its celebrity following, but we love it because it’s low impact, safe and challenging for everyone, no matter what fitness level you start with. Whether you’re looking to eliminate back pain, increase strength and flexibility or improve your posture, our mat pilates classes and reformer workouts are sure to please!

Our Infrared Pilates Studios, Indianapolis

All these benefits are enhanced when you work out in our infrared studio. Under intense red lighting, our Indianapolis Pilates studio is transformed into a hotbed of sweat, breakthrough, and strength.

Supported by the dry infrared heat, get ready to stretch, sweat, and experience movement like never before in every session. With our expert instructors there to help you find your boundaries, every Pilates session at Fit Flex Fly is designed with your body in mind.

Book Now to Join Our Next Pilates Class or Schedule a Private Reformer Session

Book your next session at Fit Flex Fly for a fun mid-week boost to your fitness and strength. With professional-level instructors and our beautiful new studio, your regular pilates workouts are guaranteed to become a highlight of your week.

Our Infrared Pilates Studios, Indianapolis

An infrared-heated Pilates studio adds another dimension to a traditional class. The extra heat helps warm up muscles and increase flexibility, making it easier to perform stretches and exercises with a greater range of motion. Infrared heat also can improve blood flow and circulation, which may help in muscle recovery and reduce post-workout soreness.

Some may also benefit from eliminating toxins through sweating, potentially supporting detoxification which can improve skin health and promote that healthy glow. Finally, working out in infrared heat helps improve muscle soreness, perfect for those looking for a dynamic workout experience that optimizes performance.

For visible results, our instructor team recommends you attend a pilates class up to three times a week. This structure will help you hit your fitness goals faster, find a routine, and build a community around your workouts – an essential part of classes here at Fit Flex Fly!

Our pilates classes are for all experience levels, as we create dynamic schedules that work for different people’s bodies. Trying Pilates under infrared lights is a great way to begin, as it helps you find the boundaries of your muscles and provides the perfect setting to push yourself.

Bring plenty of water if this is your first time working out under infrared lights. No matter your fitness level, staying hydrated is essential when working out in the heat.

We use all kinds of equipment in our mat pilates classes including rings, balls, light hand weights, and sliders. The only thing you need to bring is a yoga mat and water bottle. For private or semi-private reformer sessions wear grippy socks or go barefoot.

While Pilates can be a gentle prenatal exercise, and some studies show Pilates workouts can help your body build strength and prepare for childbirth, you should always consult a doctor before starting a new workout regime during your pregnancy.

If you feel safe, connected to your body, and ready to start gentle exercise, then Pilates, stretching, gentle weight training, and light cardio can be fabulous ways to work out during this special time.

Our classes are group, but if you’re looking for dedicated support to achieve your goals in a private appointment, you can book a personal training session with one of our knowledgeable trainers. In private sessions, you can target muscle groups with Pilates movements, receive a tailored workout plan, and include additional apparatus, such as barre, weights, resistance bands, and more.

F3 is a one-stop shop for the best pilates in Indianapolis. We have qualified, knowledgeable and friendly instructors that are enthusiastic to teach privately or in a group environment in our well equipped infrared heated classroom or reformer studio.