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Upon entering the new infrared studio for your hot yoga class at F3, the first thing that you’ll notice is how comfortable it is. Because infrared heats that which is in its path, the floors, mats and your body will feel warmer than the temperature of the air. You may think you’re in the wrong class.

Traditionally, studios offering Bikram style of yoga were heated to 105 degrees with 40 percent humidity. Think of holding poses in central Florida in August. Though hot yoga has been gaining in popularity since the 70s, some devotees are not fond of the mugginess and may feel drained rather than invigorated after a 90-minute, sweat-inducing session.

How is infrared hot yoga different?

These energy-friendly lamps heat by way of long wave far infrared light (FIR). Most people find the clean heat from infrared light soothing. This type of heat reduces dust and allergens keeping the air in the studio clean and clear. Unlike traditional hot yoga studios, this creates an environment that is mold and mildew resistant and less prone to harbor toxic bacteria like Staph, MRSA, fungal infection and viruses.

Infrared warms cleanly and silently. the direct warmth on your skin feels deeply therapeutic and can even help elevate mood. These warming light waves are absorbed into the tissues and assist in releasing muscle tightness which improves the range of elasticity, reduces muscle soreness and alleviating pain. Heat exposure increases blood flow, which can reduce inflammation while encouraging the body’s inclination to detox. Additionally, FIR Improves mood, mental health, and cognitive function while increasing calmness.

Multiply Results

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Infrared radiant heat is the favored method of many physical therapists, saunas and yoga studios around the globe. With so much science and medical proof, why not treat yourself to a yoga class in our Infrared Heated Room and find out for yourself? Visit our Infrared Studio to see which classes are now available with this new technology. Click this link to schedule your class or discover more about the benefits of our Infrared Studio.

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