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Your next low-impact work out will never feel as good as when you indulge in the deliciously heated infrared heat class at F3. You can give your joints a break or break into a new fitness routine right here. This winning combination of exercises plus infrared heat was created with you in mind, to assist you in obtaining the results you want.

Sculpt your way to amazing body definition by isolating and fatiguing muscles while heating your core to its calorie-burning potential. By incorporating traditional Pilates and barre movements with TRX, light hand weights, balls, and bands, you’ll begin chiseling your way to your best looking body for this New Year.

Heating Up Your Low Impact Exercises

Many devotees swear by the power building and calorie burning practice of HIIT and high-impact exercises. However, with soothing infrared heat and our caring trainers, you’ll still break a sweat and get the results you want. The skin-penetrating light waves of Far Infrared (FIR) help warm up your muscles and relieve tension. This can reduce time spent in warm-up routines and speed the relaxing of your muscles. Think of the effect that radiating heat from the sun has on your body (and your psyche!)

Infrared light can’t be seen but it can be felt by the skin as heat and has been used as a mood booster. According to an article in JAMA, one randomized clinical trial revealed that elevated body temperature (whole body hyperthermia) resulted in a significant anti-depressant effect apparent within a week. Another study exposed severely depressed participants to heat from infrared lamps, and 33% of those showed marked improvement that lasted up to six weeks! Infrared has been shown to encourage serotonin production, which is related to mood regulation.

Schedule your next workout in our Infrared Room.

Begin doubling the benefits of your low-impact work out sooner. Previously tight muscles are able to flex further, endure longer, and recover faster with infrared heat. Infrared heat has also been shown to release endorphins and relieve inflammation. Paired with low impact exercises, it can improve circulation and make you feel more energized. By sweating out harmful toxins, your skin will appear more radiant.

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With temperatures dropping, one of the quickest ways to warm up this winter is with a great work out in our Infrared Studio. We welcome you to our community of like-minded people who embrace Infrared workouts to elevate mood, feel great, and look fantastic. Discover the class that works best for you. Click on the link to go to our Infrared Room page for more information. To see even more benefits of Infrared Heat Therapy, click here.

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