Thank you for committing your time and energy to our Fast Forward To Fit workout and nutrition program. We hope you’re feeling confident, energized and comfortable in your skin. We’ve given you many ways to move and several nutrition strategies that you can use moving forward.
The key to obtaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to figure out which tools work best for you. Once you’ve reached a healthy body fat percentage, the tools you use to maintain it will probably look a little different than the tools you used to get there in the first place. Carb cycling might always be an easy way for you to maintain the ideal you. You might hate carb cycling, but don’t mind intermittent fasting and that’s fine too. You might find that just being mindful of your eating habits and moving your body everyday are enough. Whatever you decide works best for you is what you should do. Our goal of this program was to share with you the methods we have successfully used for ourselves and our clients.
We have creating an online workout library so you can continue exercising with us. Visit us at, create an account and sign up for unlimited access or purchase workouts one at a time.
We sincerely hope you’re proud of all you’ve accomplished over the last 90 days. We encourage you to complete the Results and Tracking Form and take some “after” photos of yourself to document all your hard work. Please send them to us at For those who live in the Indianapolis area, please feel free to come to F3 to get your final InBody assessment.
Last but not least, we want to reward you for referring us to your family and friends.
We appreciate you, your referrals and look forward to your feedback.
Keep moving. Keep Smiling.
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