This 10-week program is designed to help runners of all levels improve their marathon and half marathon times.

Using expertise in gait analysis, each runner will be videotaped to help improve stride length, stride frequency, ground contact, and stride efficiency with 1 on 1 instruction. We will use a variety of strengthening exercises to improve form and speed. Appropriately placed hills and sprint intervals will help our runners achieve their goals more quickly.

Our belief when it comes to distance running is  “less is more” so count on speeding up your tempos and increasing the elevation to challenge the group while absorbing less impact in your joints and connective tissue. By training smarter, we can keep you running for a longer period and improve your personal bests simultaneously. Woodway treadmills utilize a plat belt running surface designed to reduce recoil in your ankles and knees. Comparable to running on a rubberized track you will feel great on a soft treadmill belt.

With longevity and injury prevention a priority in this group we will designate 5-10 minutes of foam rolling, dynamic stretching, and static stretching to help lengthen your muscle and tendons. The distance you cover in each run will change day to day depending on intensity of the run but plan to spend around 50 minutes on the treadmill during this endurance driven Run Club.

For more information, please contact Brayden Dahlstrom at or view his bio.