Since graduating from Butler University, Kelli has supported and created private businesses on a part–time basis for 20 years.

She regards parenting her five children as her greatest full–time responsibility and as her most rewarding accomplishment. She credits her love of fitness as the primary way she maintained her sanity while managing the stress of raising kids.  She started out running at the age of 12 to help keep the puberty pounds in check and has dabbled in everything from snow and water skiing to Pilates to riding and jumping horses to strength training and, last but not least, tennis.

In 2010, when her youngest child started all day school, it was time to combine her passion for fitness and business with her husband Mark’s fifteen–year experience as a personal trainer.  After two years of research and careful planning, the vision for F3 was established. The goal was simple— to enthusiastically encourage people to embrace fitness as a lifestyle choice; to provide them with the most innovative and effective tools in the industry, with top notch, highly trained and qualified coaches, with results–oriented fun classes and personal training sessions, with a supportive community of diverse yet like minded people and with a supercool clean well designed space; to, in essence, provide a quality solution for changing peoples’ lives by empowering them to feel good about themselves.

Since opening F3 in 2012, Kelli continues to research the latest wellness trends. “I love to read and learn new things. Once something peaks my interest, I usually jump in with both feet.” On a daily basis, she provide behind–the–scenes support to keep the F3 community of clients and coaches smiling.