From a young age, Jon has been in love with health and fitness. As a child, he was diagnosed with a rare upper cervical neck fusion that made it dangerous for him to play contact sports. As an outlet, Jon began to lift weights; the rest is history.

He is from Toledo, Ohio, and received his bachelor’s in Kinesiology from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. He graduated from IU with his doctorate in Physical Therapy. Jon specializes in bridging the gap between traditional physical therapy and personal training. He works with patients/clients on both ends of the spectrum and seamlessly progresses them across that continuum.

Jon was recently married to his wife Emily in September 2021! They love to cook, exercise, and hang out with friends and family.

If you experience recurring low back pain, specific exercises/ movements you “can’t” do because the pain, or simply want to take your training to the next level, schedule an appointment with Jon! You won’t be disappointed.