Stan Givens

Stan began training at F3 with personal trainer Marianne Besinger in October 2021 after suffering a long bout of COVID. Once he recovered, he was determined to improve his cardiovascular fitness and overall strength. Stan works out 3 times per week with Marianne and initially they focused on stability and body weight movements with short bursts of cardio mixed in. Now that Stan is stronger he is able to perform single-arm and single-leg exercises and can sustain longer rounds of cardio. Through his dedication and hard work, Stan has lost an impressive 80 pounds and, much to his surprise, actually enjoys working out! Keep up the good work Stan. We feel lucky to be a part of your story! 😍💪


Here’s what Stan had to say about his F3 experience:

“It’s really helped me to increase my mobility, to feel better, to have more energy, to help me lose more weight, and get in better shape. It really just transformed my life.”