Patrick Adams

Patrick has been a long time member at F3, but approached Mark in April wanting to make some real changes.

His initial weight was 171.7lbs, but more importantly, his initial body fat percentage was 25.4%. With those metrics, Mark was able to consult with Patrick and create a “game plan” on how he was going to attain his future goals. The goals were to be under 160lbs and 20% in 45 days, and under 155lbs and 15% in 82 days. The results were amazing. Ultimately Patrick lost 16lbs, 19.2lbs of fat, and decreased his body fat percentage by 10.8%.  Way to go PADAMS!!

When asked about his results, Patrick stated, “The results of my workouts and training at F3 have given me more energy, endurance and have helped to increase confidence, and also provide a sense of accomplishment.” 

He went on to explain, “F3 has affected my life in many positive ways. The classes are challenging, fun and competitive, which makes it much easier to get motivated to go workout every day. The personal training keeps me accountable, and thus provides motivation to show up & work hard at every session.