Matt Bastian

Matt Bastian began training with Sarah in January after noticing his swim times were not where he would like for them to be. It didn’t take too long for Matt to notice a significant difference in his body composition and his swim times.

Sarah’s programming focused on building muscular and cardiovascular strength. In six months time, he gained 3 pounds of muscle, lost 11.3% of fat and lost 9 pounds overall. Losing body fat and gaining muscle is no easy feat. Congratulations Matt! Your focus and consistent efforts have paid off.

This is how Matt described his experience:

“A couple of years ago, I joined a local swim team to get back in shape. After a while I noticed my times quit improving so I thought I’d give F3 classes a try and also signed up for personal training with Sarah. F3 has been a blast but also pushes me in ways swimming can’t. After a year now, my swimming has improved a ton and so have my times – I’ve taken about 8 seconds off my 100 yard free and 4 minutes off my mile. Big thanks to Sarah and the F3 team for continuously keeping the workouts both fun and challenging!”