John Cate

John has been a member of F3 since April of 2016.  Since joining F3, he has lost 42 pounds, XXX pounds of fat and his visceral fat levels have declined from 18 to 10.

John states, “I’m thrilled with the progress I’ve made. While it certainly hasn’t been easy or without sacrifice, the results speak for themselves. My body composition has completely changed in 16 months.

In addition to attaining my fitness goals, I am happier, healthier and my self-esteem has improved. It may sound cliche, but the guidance I’ve received from everyone at F3 has positively impacted my life.

I’ve worked out at my different fitness facilities over the years and have never experienced the genuine interest the trainers at F3 have taken in me. You took a vested interest in assisting me attain my fitness goals, designed workouts that were appropriate for my fitness level, adjusted them as my fitness level improved, held me accountable along the way and have always been respectful in the manner in which you have communicated my body composition results….. even when they were awful!

As an example, I recently traveled to Michigan and was seeking a F3 intensive workout class to attend while I was away. I Googled area fitness facilities that seemed similar to F3 and I found one that had awesome reviews so I enrolled in a class. While the reviews were awesome, my experience wasn’t. The class was not well planned, the exercises we performed were high risk and the “trainers” were not anywhere close to what we have access to at F3. Throughout the class, I couldn’t help thinking to myself we don’t realize how fortunate we are to have access to your gym and most importantly your expertise. It’s a world of difference what we have access to at F3 and the results prove it.

One thing is for certain, we don’t get cheated out of a workout at F3. The workouts are spirited, challenging and full of like minded people who have embraced a healthy lifestyle.

I can’t adequately put it into words how much my life has changed since joining F3. Thank you sounds so inadequate, but I am truly thankful for the time, guidance, and interest you have taken in me to improve my fitness level. I appreciate you meeting me where I was when I walked in the door, respectfully explaining what it would take to improve my fitness level and encouraged me along the way as I met my goals.

I am a big fan of everyone at F3 and would encourage anyone who is looking for a cutting edge workout facility to join us. You will find the workouts challenging and lead by experienced trainers in a safe, clean and respectful environment.”