Jody Hess

We are proud to introduce Jody Hess, our longest-standing class client, who has attended the most classes in the history of F3. Her first F3 class was Synergy Blast with Mark on January 28, 2013. Since then, she has taken 2615 classes! Her commitment to herself and F3 is both impressive and so appreciated.

Attached is the way Jody described her experience:

Q: When did you realize that fitness was an important part of who you are? A: I had a couple false starts in my 20’s and early 30’s and never really returned with a purpose until my early 40’s after having kids and getting the youngest off to preschool. This time frame overlapped with losing my mom to cancer and that is definitely when my unwavering commitment to fitness began.

Q: What motivates you to show up for yourself regularly? A: I ALWAYS feel better after working out. It clears my mind and is a great stress reliever. I feel like it’s the least I can do for myself. Carving out the time for a workout leaves me more fueled to show up for my family and friends. Q: What do you enjoy most about working out with others? A: Definitely the energy level! Working out with others increases my motivation and keeps me accountable. It’s good to be surrounded by people with a similar drive. The instructors and their unique styles of training (and playlists!) keep the workouts fresh and fun.

Q: What do you enjoy least about working out with others? A: It’s tough to watch people race through reps without intention. There is so much to absorb in every workout and the potential for growth and improvement is endless. The instructors are great at demonstrating, educating, and providing cues for proper form etc. …. some people just don’t get it!

Q: How has your fit lifestyle impacted your family and friends? A: My kids have gotten the bug too! Over the years they’ve seen my commitment to movement and fitness. If a wellness-oriented lifestyle and lifelong health is something I can take credit for passing on to my kids, I’ll be happy with that!

Q: Do you have a favorite F3 experience? A: I love the original Trifecta classes that had 3 distinct segments/locations. It was an incredibly fun class that just flew by. So much energy, hype, and community!

Q: Hypothetical question… You’re midway through a class and the instructor has a non-life-threatening emergency and must leave. Would you? A) Leave and be annoyed that you missed out on 30 minutes of your workout. B) Suggest one of your classmates teach the class. C) Jump in and teach the class yourself D) Ask Shanna to teach the class A: I’d blend B) & C) & go with option E) Join forces with another frequent flyer to shoulder the challenge of coaching the last half of class. Big shoes to fill!

Q: Lastly, please share something you think the people that work out alongside you regularly would be surprised to know about you. A: Curling was my sport in high school! I travelled with a team as vice skip and actually considered attending a university that had a curling team. Whoever would have thought it’d turn into an Olympic sport!