MRT Full Body 4
Movements: Single Leg/Push/Squat/Bend
Equipment Needed: Mini Bands, 1” Resistant Band, Set of Dumbbells
-Hamstring Band Stretch/Hip Opener: 10 rotations on each side. (hold across body for 10-20 seconds). HR 50-60%
-90/90 stretch: 5 walks each side. HR 50-60%
-Alternating Side Lunge: 20 reps. 10 each side. HR 65-75%
-High Knee Single Leg A Skip: 20 each side. HR 70-80%
-1” Band Over Head Shoulder Stretch: 10 reps. HR 60-70%
-Banded Ankles Hop Out and In. (quick, squatted, stay low. 20 reps. HR 65-75%
-Banded Ankles Shuffles Front to Back: 20 reps. each side. HR 65-75%
-Banded Kick Back: 20 reps each side. HR 60-70%
-Banded Feet High Knees: 20 reps on each side. HR 60-70%
-Banded Knees Jump Squats. (Hop Out and In at the Bottom): 20 reps. HR 75%-85%
-Banded Wrist Out and In: 15 reps. HR 60-70%
-Banded Wrist ABC’s: 1 round each arm. HR 60-70%
-Push Ups: 15 reps. HR 65-75%
-Dumbbell Shoulder Press: 15 reps. HR 65-75%
-Push Ups with a 5 second hold at the top after each rep: 15 reps. HR 65-75%
-Dumbbell Lateral Raises: 15 reps. 65-75%
-Push Ups with a 5 second hold at the bottom after each rep. (2 inches from the ground): 10 reps. 65-75%
-Dumbbell Front Raises: 15 reps. 65-75%
-Push Ups: As many reps as you can get in 30 seconds. HR 70-80%
-Dumbbell Overhead Squats: 15 reps. 70-80%
-Dumbbell Front Raise Static Hold Squats: 15 reps. HR 70-80%
-Dumbbell Skater Jumps with a Single Leg Hop after each rep: 15 reps on each leg. (concentrate on balance and strength, go slow). HR 75-85%
-1” Across Body Jump Squats: 15 reps each side. HR 75-85%
-Double Leg Hamstring Stretch: Hold
:10-:30 seconds.
-Single Leg Quad Stretch on both legs: Hold :10-:30 seconds.
-Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch on both sides: Hold :10-:30 seconds.
-Kneeling Side Stretch on both sides: Hold :10-:30 seconds.
-Shoulder Stretch on both arms: Hold
:10-:30 seconds.
-Tricep Stretch on both arms: Hold :10-:30 seconds.

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