MRT Workout 14 + CARDIO
Movements: Squat/Lunge/Push/Pull/Bend/Twist/Single Leg/Core
Equipment Needed: Mini-Band, Kettlebell or Set of Dumbbells, 1″ Band
-Jog in Place: :30 HR 65-75%
-Walking Lunges: 15 on each leg. HR 60-70%
-Walking Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg, hamstring stretch: 15 on each leg. HR 60-70%
-Karaoke Running Drill: 2 laps. HR 70-80%
-Mountain Climbers: 20 reps. HR 70-85%
-Jumping Jacks: 20 reps. HR 65-75%
-Seal Jacks: 20 reps. HR 65-75%
-Explosive Skips: 10 each side. HR 70-80%
-10 High Knees-1 Push up: 10 reps. HR 80-90%
-10 Booty Kicks-2 Crunch: 10 reps. HR 80-90%
-Banded Lateral Walks: 20 steps each side. HR 60-70%
-Banded Step Backs: 20 reps on each leg. HR 60-70%
-Banded Ankle Jumping Jacks: 20 reps. HR 70-80%
-Banded Ankle Quick Feet: :20 seconds HR 70-80%
-Banded Wrists Out and In: 20 reps. HR 60-70%
-Banded Wrists Up and Downs: 20 reps. HR 60-70%
-Corrective Lunge (with broom stick): 10 PERFECTED LUNGES.
-Corrective Push Ups: 10 PERFECT PUSH UPS.
-Corrective Squats: 10 PERFECT SQUATS.
-Alternating Lateral Lunges with a Dumbbell Should Press: 15 reps. each side. HR 70-80%
-Push Ups (21’s) (7) 1/2 way down push ups, (7) 1/2 all the way down and 1/2 way up, (7) full push ups: 21 reps. HR 70-80%
-Banded Knee Squat Jumps with knees out and in at the bottom of each rep: 15 reps. HR 80-90%
-Alternating Front to 45 degree Lunge to  Lateral Lunge: 15 reps each leg. HR 80-90%
-Elbow taps to a push up:  (20 total push ups). HR 70-80%.
-Banded Ankles Figure 8’s around 2 cones: 8 laps one way 8 laps the other(stay low). HR  70-80%!
-Star Jumps: 15 reps. HR 80-95%
REST 1-2 minutes.
-Do all exercises 4-5 sets for 12 reps per exercise.
-Kettlebell Or Dumbbell Swings. 12 reps. HR 75-85%.
-Dumbbell Single Leg Box Lunge(back leg is on the box) with a bicep curl: 12 reps on each leg. HR 75-85%.
-Dumbbell 90/90 Wood Chops: 12 reps on each side. HR 70-80%.
Heart Rate (80-90%)
-Rep count. (20/20/20/15). Do all exercises 20 reps. Rest 1:00. Do all exercises 20 reps. Rest 1:00. Do all exercises 20 reps. Rest 1:00. Do all exercises 10 reps. Understand?
-A) Dumbbell Punches (count reps on each arm) (fast).
-B) Squat with a double jump (fast).
-C) Dumbbell Overhead Punches (count reps on each arm).
-D) Star Jumps.
-E) Light Dumbbell Alternating Tricep Extension Overhead (count reps on each arm).
-F) Mountain Climbers (reps on each leg).
-G) Bicycles.
-Standing Quad Stretch (R/L)
-Wide Stance Hamstring
-Right and Left Groin Stretch
-Squatted Butterfly Stretch
-Arm Across the Body (R/L)
-Open Chest Stretch with Neck Roll
-Big Bow
30 minutes of steady state cardio. HR 70-75%

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