F3’s youth program is based on the fundamental assumption that all kids need to start with mapping their neuromuscular system for correct movement patterns as a means to developing long-term athletic development. Whether kids are exercising simply as a means to lead a healthy lifestyle or they are seeking more advanced coaching to improve athletic performance, we start with developing good movers. We begin with developing coordination, strength, mobility and stability. From there, we can start working on speed, power and other game-related skills.

Three Programs Depending Child’s Age. Programs are offered at different times throughout the the year based on school schedules. Please contact us at for scheduling.

8-10 Year Olds – Fundamentals
Fun and safe atmosphere where kids learn the basics of good movement patterns. Running, jumping, skipping, squatting, lunging, planking, pushing, pulling and balancing are a few of the many skills we will work on.

11-13 Year Olds – Speed, Agility & Plyometric Training
With proper coaching, kids this age can make big improvements in speed, agility and first step explosiveness. If your child is playing middle school sports and wants to be prepared for high school level play, this training is a must.

High School – Sport Performance
Conditioning and athletic performance program for athletes wanting to play or already playing on a High School team. Expect to work on all areas of sports performance including strength, speed, power, mobility and flexibility. Be prepared to dig deep and push yourself to the next level in your athletic performance.