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Fast Forward to Fit


Eliminate the ridged, all-or-nothing mindset that once controlled you, and replace it with one that celebrates life’s small wins to let you grow. We truly believe when you fall in love with the process, the results will come.


Progressive, varied workouts focused on function and balance as well as strength and endurance utilizing the latest technologies and innovations.


Flexible nutrition program with tools that guide you to decide what, when and how much to eat, based on your goals, preferences, budget and time. No deprivation, cleansing or calorie counting.


Importance of letting muscles heal and adapt through sleep, yoga and stretching.

Support & Accountability

Daily opportunity to connect with expert coaches and online community members to gain support, guidance and accountability.
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The Story of F3 on the Fly

Over the last six years we’ve built a fitness community in a small gym in Indianapolis called F3 /// Fit Flex Fly. We’ve impacted lots of lives and feel lucky to have witnessed hundreds of transformations… not only were bodies changed, but more importantly mindsets were changed. The word spread and we began to receive emails, phone calls and messages all asking the same thing… When are you coming to our city? Of course, we were flattered by the requests, but it seemed like there had to be an easier way to reach people.

What if we could create an online program using the same tools we use in Indy to help people take charge of their health and love their life? And so, our online F3 on the Fly 90 day program was born.

We strongly believe in moving your body and eating to feel energized every day as well as staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. It’s that simple. We don’t adhere to one training style or piece of equipment. We purposely mix it up. By keeping the workouts interesting, fun, and varied, we make daily exercise an easy lifestyle choice. We also believe in giving people flexibility with their nutrition. We focus on eating whole, minimally processed, nutrient dense food most of the time and giving our clients the tools to decide what, when and how much they eat based on their goals, preferences, budget and time.

Is this sounding too good true?  Trust us, it sounds simple because it is simple. Once you understand, commit and fall in love with the process, the results will come. Focus on you for the next 90 days. You’re going to move better, feel better, sleep better and be better. When you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of your life, everything changes. We can’t wait to celebrate the new you!

1 prep week and 3 Thirty Day Segments

How it Works:

You will receive an email every Saturday with information about your week ahead, including new workout links for you to follow, the nutrition focus for the week, meal plan options with grocery lists and recipe ideas and scheduled times for live workouts and opportunities to connect with the group.


  • Phase 1

    Anti-inflammatory nutrition focus and workouts that will get you moving. We will concentrate on adding protein and veggies to every meal, staying hydrated and avoiding processed foods. The workout focus will be geared towards burning fat, gaining strength and increasing flexibility.

  • Phase 2

    Carb Cycling will be the nutrition focus. Learn what it is, how to incorporate it into your lifestyle and why it’s effective. The workouts will continue to get progressively harder and we introduce heart rate training as an accountability tool.

  • Phase 3

    This is the stage where we really dial it in. After 60 days of burning fat, building lean muscle and fueling your body with good nutrients you will be feeling energized and empowered to take it to the next level. Say hello to Intermittent Fasting. We will teach you what it is, why it works, and  how to schedule your workouts around it to maximize the benefits.